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Which is the Most Popular; Shore or Mountain Time Shares?

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Which is the Most Popular; Shore or Mountain Time Shares?

 Timeshares are vacation homes that are shared by joint owners with the right to use their property during select times throughout the year. When it comes to buying or renting a timeshare to spend your annual vacations at, you may be left with a tough decision to choose between either a shore or mountain timeshare resort. Each type of location offers its own unique benefits and provide guests with amazing experiences that they’ll never forget.

A Variety of Timeshare Options
If traveling is one of the things that you enjoy most out of life, there’s no better way to experience different corners of the world than by opting to stay at timeshare resorts. There are many different timeshares located around the world from the shores of the Caribbean to the Great Smoky Mountains. With a variety of different resorts to choose from, those looking to travel should first narrow down their choices by selecting the type of location that they are most interested in. But which is more popular among travelers, shore or mountain timeshares? There is no real answer to this question, as it is completely based on the resort itself and the type of amenities and attractions that guests are looking for. Those who are more interested in skiing, winter sports, and scenic drives may prefer a cozy vacation in the mountains, while those who want to spend their days on the beach with a mixed drink in their hand may find shore resorts to be a better option. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a one-time getaway or the possibility of enjoying a timeshare vacation on an annual basis, you’ll first want to choose the destination that is the most popular option for yourself and your family.Benefits of Mountain Timeshare Resorts
Guests may choose to visit mountain timeshare resorts during any time of the year, as there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy during all seasons. During the winter months, mountain timeshares are the perfect place to cozy up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, or take on the excitement of the slopes that may even be located right on-site. During the summer months, mountain timeshares turn into a truly beautiful and natural wonderland, with hiking trails, horseback riding, off-roading and much more available for guests to enjoy. Respectful, honest and considerate staff members, along with clean and comfortable accommodations are what will really make all the difference during your mountain timeshare getaway. If you find yourself falling in love with this location, you may even opt to sign a contract and purchase your own little piece of vacation property at a cost that you can afford.

Benefits of Shore Timeshare Resorts
If you’re the type of person that enjoys relaxing in the warm sun with your feet in the sand, there’s no better place to stay than at a shore timeshare resort. These beachy villas allow you to escape into your own private paradise complete with beach access, water sport rentals, water-front dining and much more. Thoughtful staff members can even help you to make the most out of your vacation by providing you with recommendations on nearby attractions, local upcoming events, and things that are going on at the resort during your stay. Because shore resorts are a popular vacation option among couples and families alike, you’ll find a wide range of timeshare resorts to choose from at tropical destinations all around the world. Be sure to book your vacation at a shore resort in a timely manner, as timeshares can book up quite quickly at beach resorts during the peak summer season.

Buying a Timeshare: Shore or Mountain?
Those who are still unable to decide whether they prefer a shore or mountain vacation can actually enjoy the best of both worlds when they choose to buy a timeshare. As a timeshare owner, you can bank your weeks from your home resort or use your points to stay at other resorts around the globe. Visit a popular mountain destination during the summer and a shore destination during the winter to get away from the cold weather back home. The possibilities are endless. A one-time fee can make you the proud owner of a piece of vacation property. In addition to paying for your timeshare all at once, you can also pay recurring. fees. These are similar to that of a mortgage where you will pay a select amount per month until your piece of vacation property is paid for.

In addition to taking the cost of the timeshare into consideration as well as the location, there are some other factors that should play a part in making a purchase. The most popular timeshares to purchase are those with considerate, respectful, thoughtful and honest staff members. Clean accommodations and property also say a lot about the condition of the resort and how well it is taken care of. Before signing a contract, maintenance fees should also be discussed. While popular timeshares may have more expensive maintenance fees, this goes towards the overall upkeep of the resort so that you are able to enjoy a beautiful vacation year after year. If renting or using points to book a stay, be sure to do so in a timely fashion to ensure availability at sought-after resorts during the most popular seasons.

Q. Do timeshares have recurring. fees?

A. When you purchase a timeshare, no matter the destination, there are annual fees that are required for the up-keep of the resort, called maintenance fees.Q. Can I stay at other resorts after buying a timeshare?
A. Yes, timeshare owners are able to stay at other resorts that are part of their timeshare membership company. This allows you to enjoy vacations at different locations at your convenience.

Q. Do shore or mountain timeshares have more on-site amenities?
A. This depends on the resort itself. Some resorts, whether they are in the mountains or at the beach, may have more on-site activities and amenities than others. Simply look into the features of each resort before booking a stay.

Timeshares are an excellent and affordable way to enjoy a vacation at the destination of your choice. Both mountain timeshare resorts, as well as shore-front timeshare resorts, each offer their own benefits for travelers. Learn about the benefits of each type of resort and how to go about purchasing your own piece of paradise.